New Year Intentions

December 5, 2021

Recapturing the process our family went through to set intentions earlier this year, in time for 2022!

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“You cannot make that your New Year resolution!”, the family chimed in unison as I shared my intention for the year 2021. This led to a long discussion about resolutions vs intentions. I explained that a resolution ‘fixed’ something in ourselves or in our lifestyles while an intention allowed us to ‘create’ something in our life. The intention, unlike the resolution, did not imply that something was wrong with the way we currently lived, and instead it motivated us to live even better.

It did not take me long to win them over to setting intentions, especially after I shared that research shows that only 10% of people successfully stick to their New Year’s resolutions. They conceded that resolutions can start to feel like an impossible burden since they offer little flexibility. They also liked that when we set an intention, we approach our goals with more compassion for ourselves. Overall, we feel less pressured to create change and more inspired to take action.

So, we all went about setting intentions for 2021! We each wrote down what we wanted to cultivate or achieve through mindful living. We then articulated our intention through an affirmation or an “I am” statement. Even the youngest in our family (11 at the time) knew that affirmations are designed to retrain our mind into behaving differently so that we may better and easily manifest a certain outcome. Lastly, we stated a one-word goal and here is a sampling of what we came up with-


The Intention: I want to make time for health regimens.

The Affirmation: I am worthy of self-care.

The Goal: Balance.


The Intention: I want to ‘be’ more and ‘do’ less.

The Affirmation: I am present.

The Goal: Presence.


The Intention: I want admission in a college from amongst my top 3 choices.

The Affirmation: I am successful.

The Goal: Success.


The Intention: I want less in my life.

The Affirmation: I am content.

The Goal: Fulfillment.


The Intention: I want to be a better person.

The Affirmation: I am perfect.

The Goal: Character.


In a follow-up blog, I will share my experience with setting intentions around the new moon, when our creative potential is at its highest. On this platform, we will have opportunities to set intentions at the start of the week or the day. After all, without an intention, we will be unable to visualize our wellbeing goal, let alone manifest it.