The Seasonal: Summer Saga

June 22, 2022

Learn how you can support your well-being this summer by building immunity through Omni's four pillars of health.

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Summer is a season of heat and intensity. We experience a sense of sharpness and lightness which can cause imbalances such as exhaustion, dehydration, headaches, diarrhea, anger, and impatience. Summer aligns with pitta dosha or the fire and water elements. This is the season to cool and comfort our mind and body. Learn how Omni Wellness can support your well-being through it's four pillars of health.

Omni's Pillars of Health


Build immunity through seasonal foods and counter the impact of the summer elements. This blog reveals how we can antidote with foods that taste bitter, sweet, and astringent. Comment on the prompt and share your summer menus.


Reduce stress through mindful movement. Follow along with this recorded summer yoga class in the comfort of your own home. Invite friends and family to join you in the practice of cooling stretches, asana and pranayama.


Capitalize on the natural tendency to be resolute during the summer. Follow along with this video to affirm aloud. You will rest deeply after you completely and trustfully surrender your intention for manifestation.


Find comfort in community connection. We will post questions and comments and we invite our members to respond and discuss through this new feature. Avoid engaging with mainstream social media this season.

the season to resolve

community circles

Learn about the nature and personalized management of your health struggle or desired behavior change. Stay motivated with premium group coaching; and stay accountable with tracking tools. Upcoming circle: sugar struggles.

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a testimonial

I have healed from a chronic health issue. Omni's personalized well-being plan was very thorough. Their coaching was tailored with care and empathy. I am once again doing  activities that I was unable to do during my illness. -Pankaj Aggarwal

Explore free practice videos. Upgrade to premium membership in order to have access to personalized guidance and premium content. Learn about our new personalized well-being plan here.

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