The Lunar: January Jabber

January 13, 2023

Explore how Omni's moon phase plan can help you discover peace during busy times this lunar month...

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The moon or chandra has a deep association with your mental and emotional well-being. Omni Wellness can help you optimize this connection by guiding you through mindful practices that align with the four moon phases: full, waning, new, and the waxing moon.

Omni's Moon Phase Plan

full moon

Pause to express gratitude on the full moon. Register for this guided meditation at time slot 1 or time slot 2. If you are unable to make either time, then you can reflect on your fulfillment along with this video.

waning moon

This is a time to release stress through self-care rituals. Empower yourself through life transitions at this workshop. Prevent and manage mood swings, hot flashes, weight gain, insomnia and other 'changes'.

new moon

Meditate along with this video while your creative ability is at its' highest. Write your intention before surrendering it for manifestation. Register for the January new moon guided meditation at time slot 1 or time slot 2.

waxing moon

Make time to learn and try new things. Join us to discover your Ayurvedic constitution and become self-aware at this workshop. This knowledge can lead you you to build self-acceptance and further your well-being.

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new year intention

Join this interactive workshop to understand why and how to set an intention for your year ahead. Learn how to build motivation and discipline through Vedic techniques. Stay on track with a tool kit of resources!

sugar struggles

Natural sweetness does not equate to refined sugar. Join our monthly community circle to learn about the nature and personalized management of your sugar addiction. Stay motivated with tracking tools and tasty recipes.

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I really enjoy being a part of this online community. The platform has been easy to use and has many worthwhile resources. I find myself coming back whenever I need a physical or spiritual lift ~ Yulin Lee.

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