The Seasonal: Spring Seeds

March 21, 2022

Learn how you can support your well-being this spring by building immunity through Omni's four pillars of health.

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Spring is a season of renewal. Nature emerges from its winter slumber and we experience a sense of joy and inspiration. However, spring is also associated with seasonal irritants, heaviness, and lethargy. Spring aligns with kapha dosha or the earth and water element. This could potentially manifest as weight gain, water retention, sadness, allergies, etc. This is the season to cleanse and uplift our mind and body. Learn how Omni Wellness can support your wellbeing by building immunity through the four pillars of health.

omni's pillars of health


Enhance energy and build immunity through seasonal foods. Our upcoming lesson video reveals how nature antidotes with foods that taste bitter, pungent, and astringent in order to counter the impact of the earth and water elements this season.


Discover peace and build strength through mindful movement. Receive personalized guidance in real-time at this premium yoga workshop where you can practice several rounds of sun-salutations, preceded by warm-up exercises.


Reduce stress through yoga. Join these premium workshops where you will practice a seasonal routine of backbending and forward-folding asana, followed by deep rest and relaxation in shavasana.


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the season to cleanse


Join us in real-time at this premium workshop to rid yourself of toxins and impurities. You will be guided through 3 of the 6 cleansing practices- pranayama or a breathing exercise; jala neti or a sinus cleanse; and tratak, a meditation practice.

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Omni Wellness has been a godsend! I resumed yoga after a long hiatus. Sumita's experienced guidance and kind approach enabled me to learn and grow.  She has woven her Ayurvedic knowledge all through the online platform. -Shireen Kanga

Explore free practice videos. Upgrade to premium membership in order to have access to personalized guidance, premium content and events.

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