The Seasonal: Winter Wisdom

January 12, 2022

Learn how you can support your well-being this winter by building immunity through Omni's four pillars of health.

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During winter, we embrace a long dark season of slumber and dormancy. Early winter is characterized as dry, light, cold, windy, rough, and empty. This might manifest within us as dryness, constipation, insomnia, anxiety or back pain, amongst other possibilities. Our constitution and the seasons are intimately related. Learn how Omni Wellness can support your wellbeing by building immunity through the four pillars of health.

omni's pillars of health


Live in the present moment by adjusting your diet to the season. Enhance energy through seasonal foods. Join the upcoming workshop and connect with our community on this subject.


Reduce stress through mindful movement. Hatha yoga and certain breathing exercises such as forceful exhalation or kapalabhati are recommended. Consider practicing along with this winter yoga video.


Feel deeply rested with breathing exercises or pranayama. Discover peace as you practice along with this video. Use alternate nostril breathing or anuloma viloma as a conduit between a calm mind and the presence within.


This is a time to rest, reflect, hibernate, and envision. As you withdraw and honor stillness, you can intuitively create your intention. Experience guided visualization in a deeply relaxed state with yoga nidra,

new year and new moon


Join our intention-setting meditation. The new moon is a time of new beginnings, a time for reflection, a time to decide which direction you wish to go. You can read more about the merits of setting intentions vs. resolutions in our blog.

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I started my healing journey with Omni Wellness over 20 years ago. With their guidance, I reduced stress and enhanced my energy. I am drawn to their intuitive, methodical and holistic approach. The online platform is an important adjunct to my yoga and Ayurveda practice. -Susan Hewlett

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