The Seasonal: Winter Wisdom

December 21, 2022

Learn how you can support your well-being this winter by building immunity through Omni's three pillars of health.

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During winter, we embrace a long dark season of slumber and dormancy. Some of us might feel weighed down, stagnant, or uninspired. We can capitalize on Ayurveda's knowledge about the qualities of this time by going inward, reflecting, and envisioning. Learn how Omni Wellness can support your well-being this season through the three pillars of health.

omni's pillars of health


Build immunity through seasonal foods and counter the impact of winter's elements. This blog reveals how we can antidote with foods that are wholesome and fulfilling. Comment on the prompt and share winter menus.


Enhance energy through rigorous movement. Follow along with this recorded winter yoga class in the comfort of your own home. Invite friends and family to join you in the practice of mindful stretches, asana and pranayama.


This is a time to hibernate and manifest. As you withdraw and honor stillness, you can intuitively create your intention. Experience guided visualization in a deeply relaxed state with yoga nidra.

the season for peace

community circle

Our senses pull us in multiple directions, creating movement and confusion. When we are still, the mind's eye sees clearly. Enable your mind to focus at our winter circle: morning peaceful meditation and evening peaceful meditation.

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a testimonial

Working with Omni Wellness has made me more intentional about my daily habits and my routine. It has allowed me to connect more with Mother Nature and respect its rhythms. The wisdom and practices of this platform help me to better nourish myself and thrive.

Pooja Mottl

Explore free practice videos. Upgrade to premium membership in order to have access to personalized guidance and premium content. Learn about our new personalized well-being plan here.

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