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An online well-being community where ancient wisdom meets evidence-based preventive medicine.

Our Mission

To inspire and guide people toward living their best lives, with intention, through the tools of Vedic sciences like yoga and Ayurveda.

Meet Your coach

Sumita is a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist and Yoga Master who designs customized energy-enhancing practices for family and employee well-being. A Stanford Health 4 All Fellow, she offers coaching to evolve behavior around Omni’s pillars of health: nourish, move, and meditate. In the last 20+ years, Sumita has personalized more than 500 well-being plans through wholesome nutrition, herbs, yoga and meditation.

"know and accept yourself... the rest will follow"



Omni Wellness was founded in the Sacramento area of California where it offered yoga classes, ayurvedic consultations and workshops. The majority of the initial clients were women or young parents who were looking for guidance with healthy family lifestyles. Omni Wellness began offering maternity yoga classes and ayurvedic childcare workshops, in addition to their regular classes.


Omni Wellness moved to the Greater Boston Area. It began to offer children’s yoga classes and engaged the community in seasonal living through workshops and family consultations.


Omni Wellness stepped into the world of evidence-based preventive medicine and community health after establishing in Palo Alto. Cognitive behavior therapy and motivational interviewing evolved the practice from consulting to coaching. 


During the pandemic, Omni Wellness was forced to rethink the way it offered services. The transition from in-person consulting to a virtual delivery mode has made our services more affordable and accessible. Join us by becoming a member!

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