Milestones to Omniwellness

October 16, 2021

A reflection on the milestones and the process that has led to the becoming of Omni Wellness.

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The milestones of Omni Wellness are inextricably linked to my personal story. As I pursued a career in the healing arts, I found myself serving communities where I lived. After establishing in the Sacramento Area of California, Omni Wellness moved to Bangalore in India and to the Greater Boston Area before returning to the Bay Area in California. Eventually, the Covid 19 pandemic, led to the creation of this accessible and affordable online wellbeing offering. Here are some details of the inspirations and insights that led to this transformation.

Omni Wellness Yoga Studio In California, 2001

Learning (1997-2002)

After working abroad, I returned to India at the age of 26 with a renewed interest in my roots. I began a serious yoga practice and opted to attend the Sivananda International Teacher Training Course in Kerala. During a month-long stay, I settled into a routine that encompassed all aspects of yoga- the physical practice, the Vedic theory, the spiritual devotion, and the ethics of service. I was proud to receive the title of Yoga Siromani.

My body, mind, and soul were healing.

Soon after, I moved to my husband’s country, America. I founded Omni Wellness to teach yoga, alongside my day job. I was amazed at people’s work ethics and their spirit of volunteerism, though I was disturbed to see that they were compromising rest and nourishment. I witnessed the impact of time management on a population’s circadian health.

I lamented America’s culture of health.

As a natural extension of my interest in India’s healing arts, I began my studies in Ayurveda in the year 2000. I was validated by simple truths that rationalized my family and cultural heritage. I learned about the human potential for health and our inherent ability to self-heal. In 2002, very pregnant with my first child, I graduated as a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist from the California College of Ayurveda. I began teaching maternity yoga and consulted in Ayurvedic childcare, even as I, myself, learned all about what it means to be a mother.

All I know, I learned through Ayurveda.

Kids Yoga Classes in Massachusetts, 2011

Practicing (2003-2011)

Omni Wellness became a full-time practice of community yoga classes and Ayurvedic consultations. I now understood the struggle of working parents and the toll it takes on family health.  After a couple of years, I internalized the unique nature of each human life when our second child was born in 2004.

My early practice revealed the universality of Ayurveda. 

Around 2006, we had the opportunity to live in Bangalore. I immersed myself in the laidback lifestyle while I designed employee wellbeing programs for companies that were noticing the health impact of a foreign work culture. At the tail end of our stay, I escaped to Kerala to do a month-long Advanced Yoga Teacher Training. I attained the title of Yoga Acharya.

I embraced three pillars of health: nourish, move, and meditate.

I discovered a different part of America when we moved to the Greater Boston Area in 2008. Omni Wellness began children’s yoga classes and engaged the community in seasonal living through workshops and family consultations. I truly tuned in to the energy of motherhood as our youngest was born from our hearts and brought home in 2011. 

Seasonal living became my mantra.

During the Pandemic in California, 2020

Becoming (2012-2021)

After establishing my practice in Palo Alto in 2012, I was fortunate to join the first cohort of the Stanford Health 4 All Fellowship in 2014. Through a uniquely designed community research that incorporated mindful eating, I encouraged a Gurudwara congregation  to cook their heritage whole foods for the weekly langar. Omni Wellness had stepped into the world of community health.

My practice evolved from consulting to coaching.

I studied more Ayurvedic techniques to support those on the path toward optimal health. I empathized with and coached many as they struggled with behavior change. I volunteered in local leadership roles where I could influence the culture of health. Omni Wellness programs extended guidance to teens, young adults, women, and families to discover their motivation and their health potential.

Omni Wellness became a community health hub.

During the covid pandemic, and after over two decades of teaching and consulting, I have been inundated with the renewed interest for yoga and Ayurveda from around the world. Drawing upon my unique combination of knowledge of the ancient healing arts and cognitive behavior therapy, I re-created Omni Wellness as an accessible and affordable online well-being platform.

Our new online avatar is accessible to a global community.

Now my mission is to inspire you to live your best life, with intention. Join me to enhance energy, reduce stress, and discover peace through Omni’s pillars of health. I invite you to explore and maximize your health potential by becoming a member of Omni Wellness where you may choose to attend workshops in real-time; practice along with recorded videos; connect with your peer health community; and receive personalized guidance or Ayurvedic coaching.

your health-related career milestones?