Milestones to Omniwellness

November 13, 2021

I reflect on the milestones and the process that have led to the becoming of Omni Wellness.

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At the age of 26, inspired by all that I had seen during my travels and in response to a strong sense of intuition, I began a serious yoga practice. I opted to attend the Sivananda International Teacher Training Course in Kerala. During a month-long stay, I settled into a routine that encompassed all aspects of yoga… the physical practice, the Vedic theory, the spiritual devotion, and the ethics of service. I was proud to receive the title of Yoga Siromani, though it felt nothing compared to the heightened awareness of my connection to the Divine and to all beings.

I had discovered myself.

Soon after, I moved to my husband’s country, America. I began to teach yoga at community centers in the Sacramento area and at my own private studio. Though I really understood Americans through my day job of opinion research and volunteer management. I was amazed at people’s hard-working lives and their interest in volunteering.  I was also disturbed by this same phenomenon…that people were willing to compromise on their food, sleep and exercise for the sake of service… paid or otherwise.

I was learning the value of time and its management.


I began my studies in Ayurveda in the year 2000. I learned about myself, my relationships, my communities, and my planet. I was validated by simple truths that rationalized my family and cultural heritage. I learned about the human potential for health and our inherent ability to self-heal. In 2002, very pregnant with my first child, I graduated as Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist from the California College of Ayurveda.

All I really need to know, I learned through Ayurveda.



The majority of my initial clients were women or young parents who were looking for guidance with healthy family lifestyles. I taught maternity yoga and Ayurvedic childcare practices, even as I learned about what it means to be a mother myself. I conducted community workshops to engage the local population in seasonal living and after a couple of years, I truly internalized the unique nature of each human life when my second child was born in 2004.

Each of us has a unique pattern of energy or Ayurvedic constitution.


Around 2006, we had the opportunity to live in Bangalore. I immersed myself in the laidback culture while I designed and offered customized worksite wellness programs. At the tail end of my stay, I escaped to Kerala again, this time to do a month-long Advanced Yoga Teacher Training, and attained the title of Yoga Acharya.

I embraced the four pillars of health: food, sleep, exercise and spiritual/ social connection.


I discovered a different part of America when we moved to the Greater Boston Area in 2008. I began to teach children’s yoga. I taught Ayurveda to the adult community through the local library and once again began to engage the community in seasonal living through workshops and family consultations. I also truly tuned in to the energy of motherhood as our youngest was born from our hearts and brought home in 2011.

Seasonal living became my mantra.



After establishing Omni Wellness in Palo Alto in 2012, I was fortunate to join the first cohort of the Stanford Health 4 All Fellowship in 2014. I organized a community based participatory research with a local Gurudwara. Through a uniquely designed approach that incorporated eating mindfully, the congregation was encouraged to cook their heritage whole foods for the weekly langar. I had now stepped into the world of evidence-based preventive medicine and community health!

Studying cognitive behavior therapy and motivational interviewing evolved my practice from consulting to coaching.

I was forced to rethink the way I offer my services during the pandemic. I struggled to embrace the virtual world after enjoying 'tea-chats' with my clients at my home offices in all the many years of in-person consulting. As I celebrated turning 50 years old in January of 2021, I made the decision to make Omni Wellness more affordable and accessible by delivering my services through this amazing new platform.

Join me by becoming a member of Omni Wellness!