omni's Personal well-being plan

A personalized Ayurvedic experience.

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A plan designed for you

The Personal Well-Being Plan offers members the services of our Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist. You will receive a well-being plan personalized to your Ayurvedic constitution. All Personal Well-Being Plan members receive access to Omni's premium features.

How the Personal Wellness Plan Works

How It Works

Initial assessment

We assess your physical, mental, emotional, and physiological being. This meeting can take up to two hours.

develop Well-being plan

We design a personalized well-being plan that includes Omni's 4 pillars of health: nourish, move, rest and connect. This may include herbal formulations.

Seasonal check-ins

Leading up to every new season, our Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist will set up a meeting to further customize any lifestyle changes and cleansing or rejuvenating practices.