Ojas: Vitality and Immunity

May 1, 2022

Create a lifestyle that builds ojas or vitality and immunity through nourishment, movement, rest and connection.

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Do you reach out for caffeine, sugar, or supplements to stimulate and energize yourself? Or do you sedate yourself and ignore the signs of depletion?

Active and productive lifestyles lead to a ‘busy-ness’ that increases fatigue, stress and anxiety; ojas or the subtle essence of vitality and immunity gets depleted.

If you have set an intention and affirmed your desire to feel energized, try the Omni approach through the four pillars of health:


Favor fresh, wholesome, seasonal foods and hydrants.

Eat mindfully and engage all 5 senses to fully appreciate your meal.

Space your meals with 3-4 hour gaps and consume food between the daylight hours of 10:00 to 18:00.

Pay attention to your satiety cues to avoid overeating.

Next, you will learn about how to nourish tejas or your power of discernment and motivation.


Yoga generates vitality through mindful movement which corresponds with breath or prana.

You can tailor your practice by following a seasonal class.  

Pranayama (breathing exercises) can restore vitality to the subtle energy channels of the body.

Consider forceful exhalation or kapalabhati during winter and spring time.

Exercise until the first signs of dryness in the mouth or until you break a mild sweat.


Sleep in rhythm with the sun. Go to bed about 10:00pm and wake up around sunrise.  

A bath or a foot massage can aid in relaxing the body and mind before sleeping.

Dim the lights and enjoy light reading or music in the evenings.

Meditation and yoga nidra also provide deep rest. Practice alternate nostril breathing or anuloma viloma.

Express gratitude before sleeping.



Meaningful connection is key to your vitality.

Surround yourself with good company that is spiritually inclined or participate in satsang.

The value of community should not be taken for granted.

Engage with family and friends that uplift you.

Participate in activities that connect you with nature and yourself.


how do you revitalize?