Pacify your Senses

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Our senses are the gateway to our mind and body. Fall is the season to pacify and calm them. Try the following tips to antidote the impact of fall's energy of movement:

1. Nature, in its infinite wisdom, grows grounding foods such as root vegetables. Prioritize sweet, sour, and salty tastes.

2. Surround yourself with relaxing aromas made with essential oils like lavender and cedarwood.

3. Warm and deep colors pacify the sense of sight. Good colors for fall are earth tones that help reduce overwhelm which can escalate during fall.

4. Calming sounds reduce the tendency to feel anxious. Wood wind chimes or North Indian raga Malhar is appropriate for rainy days.

5. Massage your body with a warming oil like sesame. This will provide strength and security at a time of emptiness.

How do you pacify your senses during fall?

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