Optimal Weight Week 2

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Usher in a new relationship with yourself as you embark on this 9-week seasonal journey. We are starting with the first pillar of health: nourishment. Do examine your motivation as you proceed with awareness and self-compassion. Remember to write an intention for your week and visualize your progress before affirming it.

How to account for calories and nutrients while eating Ayurvedically?

  • The tastes of the season ensure that you are receiving the quality of nourishment ideal for feeling physically and mentally energized.
  • Intermittent fasting helps you control eating more than necessary.
  • Portion sizes limited to two palm sized helpings (resulting in a fist full of chewed food) provide an easy eye-ball measure.
  • The qualities of lightness or heaviness of the food (density and weight) are experienced mindfully.
  • A diverse variety of local and seasonal foods ensure that all food groups are consumed.

If you are not comfortable following the above guidelines, then feel free to use apps such as chronometer or myfitnesspal.com to monitor your consumption while you develop the awareness of appetite and satiety.

Or if you are looking for specific meal plans, consider re-setting your metabolism through the following pattern of consumption-

Mon/ Tues: good carbs.

Wed/ Thurs: good protein.

Fri/ Sat/ Sun: good fat.

Breakfast ideas:

1. Whole grain toast with marmalade on Mon/ Tues.

2. Brown rice crepe with veggies on Mon/ Tues.

3. Millet porridge on Wed/ Thurs.

4. Buckwheat unsweetened pancake or waffle on Wed/ Thurs.

5. Whole grain toast with avocado/ mushrooms on Fri/ Sat/ Sun.

6. Almond flour veggie burrito on Fri/ Sat/ Sun.

7. Coconut flour muffins with lemon/ orange fruit on Fri/ Sat/ Sun.

Lunch ideas:

1. Brown rice with seasonal vegetables on Mon/ Tues.

2. Cassava flour tortilla with seasonal vegetables on Mon/ Tues.

3. Kidney bean and cooked vegetable salad on Wed/ Thurs.

4. Chickpeas and cooked vegetable salad on Wed/ Thurs.

5. Vegetable coconut curry on Fri/ Sat/ Sun.

6. Sweet potato and kale chaat on Fri/ Sat/ Sun.

7. Almond flour tortillas with seasonal veggies on Fri/ Sat/ Sun.

Dinner ideas:

1. Barley and vegetable soup on Mon/ Tues.

2. Couscous with veggies on Mon/ Tues.

3. Lentil soup on Wed/ Thurs.

4. Broccoli and quinoa on Wed/ Thurs.

5. Cauliflower soup with nut milk/ cream on Fri/ Sat/ Sun.

6. Coconut milk based vegetable soup on Fri/ Sat/ Sun.

7. Mushroom soup with nut milk/ cream on Fri/ Sat/ Sun.

Snack ideas:

1. Seasonal fruits on Mon/ Tues.

2. Peanuts or seaweed on Wed/ Thurs.

3. Nuts or olives on Fri/ Sat/ Sun.

Foods to Avoid:

1. Non-veg or animal products.

2. Dairy.

3. Caffeine.

4. Sugar.

5. Wheat.

6. Corn.

7. Soy.

What approach are you working with?

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